Thursday, November 12, 2009

NUSANTARA short films anthology

Nusantara film is an anthology of short films from Indonesia.

Nusantara film will contain 12 short films from 12 cities of Indonesia.

Each film tells the story about untold story of the city or place.

The Short Films that has been made so far are :

Titik Nol [a story from Aceh]
(Director: Nicholas Yudifar-Cinematographer: Batara Goempar Siagian- Editor: Aaron Hasim- Music&VO: Agus Nur Amal {PM Toh}, 2009, 12 min)

A story from Lampung (Sumatra)
(Director: Aldo Swastia- Cinematographer: Dodon Ramadhan- Editor: Sigit, 2009, 10 min)

Shelly [a story from Singkawang-West Borneo]
(Director: Nicholas Yudifar- Cinematographer: Teguh Rahmadi- Editor: Aaron Hasim, 2009, 12 min)

A story from Tarakan (East-Borneo)
(Director: Ari Rusyadi- CInematographer: Bembie- Editor: Sigit, 2009, 7 min)

A story from Gorontalo (North Sulawesi)
(Director: Emil Heradi- Cinematographer: Anggi Frisca- Editor: Sigit-Aaron, 2009, 5 min)

With the financing and co. production with Kunstler Concept Indonesia
Executive Producer Harjanto Halim
Producer Hadi Marland

We are still looking for the fund for the next short films from 7 cities.

The rest of the cities/places are :
1. Bangkalan-Madura
2. Sorong-Papua
3. Bali
4. Gili-Lombok
5. Ende-NTT
6. Jakarta-Java
7. Moluccas

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